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Boot Girls Kick Off "Super" 2011

The Boot Girls kicked off their 2011 efforts to support American troops by jumping on the Super Bowl bandwagon right in their own Texas backyard. Two days before the Big Game in Dallas, two of the five female founders of the grassroots initiative set up shop at the "Star Lounge"Gifting Suite, which donated its proceeds to the Boot Campaign. During this high-profile event attended by athletes and celebrities, Boot Girls Ginger Giles and Heather Fordham (the other three Boot Girls are Leigh Ann Ranslem, Sherri Reuland and Mariae Bui) explained how they sell their "give back" combat boots and then donate all the proceeds to charitable organizations supporting American troops. "In 2009, the five of us read the book Lone Survivor by Navy SealMarcus Luttrell, and decided we should be doing something more for those who sacrifice so much for us," recalled Ginger. "There was a benefit concert for a military foundation and we photographed the artists in the boots, and then Texas Governor Rick Perry called and 'wanted to be part of this boot thing,' and it's taken off from there." Thousands of boots have been sold to the likes of Nolan Ryan and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. The boots are available for purchase at the Boot Campaign website (bootcampaign. com) for $129 per pair.With organizations such as Luttrell's Lone Survivor Foundation (lonesurvivorfoundation .org) reaping the proceeds, the goal is to sell 1.4 million pairs to match the current active duty

Cheering for ACG!

New England Patriots pro football team cheerleaders “huddle” around the January 2010 issue of Armchair General magazine during the debut of the “Pro Football and the American Spirit” traveling exhibit at the Hall at Patriot Place in Foxboro ,Mass. ACG contributing author John Ingoldsby covered the event, which honored hundreds of pro football players who have served in America’s armed forces during wartime. (See “Football’s Famous Warriors Find Fitting Home in Patriot Place” at armchairgeneral.com.) Notable attendees—in addition to the Pats’ cheerleaders—included Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, Pro Football Hall of Fame President/Executive Director Stephen Perry, and past and present NFL star players. Attending as special guests were representatives from the four branches of the military, including individuals from the 2-310 Regiment, 174th Infantry Brigade; the 1st Battalion, 25th Marines; the USS Constitution; the 104th Fighter Wing, Massachusetts Air National Guard; and veterans from The Wounded Warrior Project.

“Old Ironsides” Looking Like New

USS Constitution is currently undergoing a three-year, multimillion dollar restoration.

USS Constitution, aka “Old Ironsides,” is looking like new these days as it undergoes a three-year, multimillion dollar restoration scheduled for completion at the end of 2010. At the age of 212, the Navy’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat resembles a modern maritime marvel as it prepares to mark the bicentennial of theWar of 1812, the conflict during which it earned its legendary nickname after defeating five British warships in battle.

USS Constitution is currently undergoing a three-year, multimillion dollar restoration.

Sleeker than ever after having 65 tons of weight removed during the restoration, the fearsome frigate still features some original wood on its 204-footlong frame. Lining the ship’s gun deck are 54 naval cannon that were each manned by a dozen men—the shorter the better, given the gun deck’s less than 6-foot-high ceiling. Built in a Boston shipyard between 1794 and 1798, the ship now berths at nearby Charlestown Navy Yard, where it is open daily for tours that draw about a half-million visitors a year. Constitution’s 60-Sailor crew is led by Commanding Officer Timothy Cooper, a Massachusetts native and nearly 20-year Navy vet who began his two year tour aboard the vessel in July 2009. “This is a very unique command,”Cooper noted, “different than anything else in the Navy, and having this opportunity is just spectacular. Every Sailor here is handpicked—we have three or four applicants for every job. This crew continues to make me proud and amazed every day. It’s a captain’s dream.”

The "dream" truly comes to life for Cooper and his crew a few times a year when they get America’s Ship of State "underway"; in the water, including making the famous annual "turnaround."

The Sports Section: Featured Articles

Chris Hogan Was a Lacrosse Player at Penn State prior to his time in the NFL

Chris Hogan photo

(Photo by John Ingoldsby)

By John Ingoldsby, Player Engagement Insider

When Chris Hogan hauled in Tom Brady's 79-yard touchdown pass in one of this NFL season's signature plays, he ran right down the middle in the straightest route you'll ever see.

But his path to the NFL was nowhere near as direct.

Because long before he burst into America's football consciousness with his stunning sprint to put away the Patriots win over Baltimore, he was on scholarship at Penn State -- not for football, but instead lacrosse.

"I have done a lot of different things, and lacrosse and football were my two main sports in high school, so it was a tough decision to choose but I really enjoyed my time at Penn State and it turned out pretty good," said the New Jersey two-sport all-state star.

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Joe Bellino Armchair General

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Joe Bellino in Armchair General magazine

Joe Bellino

Joe Bellino has lived the American Dream with three successful careers: athletics, the military and business. His seminal moment was winning the 1960 Heisman Trophy as a U.S. Naval Academy college football star. He served on active duty in the U.S. Navy with tours in Cuba and Vietnam, played pro football for three years with the Boston Patriots, and today is the director of national accounts for one of the world's largest auto auction companies. Along the way, Bellino served 29 years in the U.S. Naval Reserve, retiring as a captain.

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Pete Dawkins Armchair General

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Pete Dawkins in Armchair General magazine

Pete Dawkins

Peter M. "Pete" Dawkins is an all- American hero, a class of 1959 West Point graduate who is the epitome of the soldier-scholar-athlete. He won the 1958 Heisman Trophy while playing under Earl "Red" Blaik, one of the greatest college football coaches in history. Dawkins was chosen as a Rhodes Scholar and played rugby while earning his graduate degree at Oxford and later earned a PhD from Princeton. He won medals for valor in Vietnam, and his photograph appeared on the April 8, 1966, cover of Life magazine. He retired from the Army as a brigadier general and then conquered the Wall Street business world over the past three decades. ACG interviewed this American icon soon after he presented the annual Pete Dawkins Trophy to the Most Valuable Player at the 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.

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Coach K Armchair General

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Coach Mike Krzyzewski in Armchair General magazine

Coach Mike Krzyzewski

In college,Mike Krzyzewski was a star basketball player under Coach Bob Knight at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduating in 1969, he served five years in theArmy and then returned to his alma mater at USMA and began his phenomenally successful college head coaching career.Duringmore than three decades as head basketball coach of DukeUniversity's Blue Devils, Krzyzewski – known as "Coach K" – won four national championships, a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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Bill Parcells Interview

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Coach Bill Parcells in Armchair General magazine.

Coach Bill Parcells

ACG interviews a renowned coach whose road to Super Bowl victories began atWest Point.


November, 2011

Before legendary Coach Bill Parcells won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants, he was an assistant coach at Army and head coach at Air Force. His natural coaching talent and military discipline combined to make himthemost famous turnaround artist in NFL history.After leading the Giants "from worst to first," Parcells took his coaching talents to the New England Patriots, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys, and then to the Miami Dolphins' front office, bringing each of these franchises back from the dead. In an interview with ACG Correspondent John Ingoldsby, Parcells discusses how his experience coaching at the academies helped form the foundation that led to his unprecedented NFL success.

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Coach Bill Parcells: ACG's Exclusive Interview With the NFL Coaching Icon


September 12,2011

The November 2011 issue of Armchair General features John Ingoldsby's "10 Questions" interview with legendary NFL coach Bill Parcells. In this "web extra" we present the complete text of the interview, including several additional questions and answers.

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Rocky Belier interview

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Rocky Bleier in Armchair General magazine.

Rocky Bleier

ACG interviews the Vietnam veteran turned gridiron great.


May, 2011

John Ingoldsby, left, talks with Rocky Bleier on Radio Row during Super Bowl Week in Dallas.

Fighting Back, the inspirational story of Rocky Bleier that traces his journey from wounded warrior to gridiron great, captivated America in the 1970s. Since that famous book-turnedmovie, the Notre Dame running back drafted by both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the U.S. Army in 1968 has lived a sequel that could best be titled Giving Back. Since Bleier's 1980 retirement, the four-time Super Bowl winner has immersed himself inmilitary veterans causes with the same determination he used to conquer the severe foot injuries he suffered in Vietnam. ACG Correspondent John Ingoldsby, who covered Bleier and the Steelers during their legendary run, interviewed Number 20 at Super Bowl XLIV in South Florida.

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Interview With the Wounded Vietnam War Veteran


March, 2011

The May 2011 issue of Armchair General features an interview titled “10 Questions: Rocky Bleier.” This is the uncut version of that interview, presented as an online extra for Armchair General readers—and fans of Rocky Bleier!

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New York Post likes Rocky Bleier article

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Roger Staubach interview

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Roger Staubach in Armchair General magazine.

Roger Staubach

ACG interviews “Captain Comeback” on the eve of Super Bowl XLV.


IIR President John Ingoldsby with the legendary Roger Staubach at Super Bowl XLIV event in South Florida.

January, 2010

For the past half-century, two American institutions have graced our sports landscape, and this February they join force s when Roger Staubach presides over Super Bowl XLV. Long before Staubach was “Captain Comeback” leading America’s Team —the Dallas Cowboys—to two Super Bowl championships, he was a household name as “Roger the Dodger” winning the Heisman Trophy with another of America’s teams, the one at the U.S. Naval Academy. Between these two distinct football careers, he willingly fulfilled his military obligation by serving in Vietnam, and when his playing days ended, he founded an ultra-successful real estate company. The NFL Hall of Famer recently sat down in Dallas with ACG correspondent John Ingoldsby to discuss his amazing life.

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January 2011 cover Armchair General

Roger Staubach

An Interview with the Super Bowl XLV Chairman


January, 2010

The January 2010 issue of Armchair General featured an interview titled “10 Questions: Roger Staubach.” This is the uncut version of that interview, presented as an online extra for Armchair General readers—and fans of Roger Staubach!

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Donovan McNabb might be good fit in Minnesota or San Fran. (YONG KIM / Staff photographer)


Eagles Notebook: Waffling on moving McNabb


March 25, 2010

ORLANDO, Fla. - Quarterback talk topped the menu at yesterday's NFC coaches breakfast, and not just at Andy Reid's table.

With Reid conceding that the Eagles are listening to offers for their three quarterbacks, the possible destination points for Donovan McNabb were a subject around the ballroom.

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New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton at the NFC coaches media breakfast.(Photo by John Ingoldsby / For the Daily News)

Saints were deciding on Bell until final hours


March 24, 2010

The many twists and turns in the Eagles' acquisition of restricted free agent running back Mike Bell finally ended last night shortly before the midnight deadline for the Saints to decide whether to match the Eagles' offer sheet.

Saints coach Sean Payton said this morning at the NFC coaches breakfast at the NFL owners meetings that Saints' brass was still discussing what to do at 8 o'clock last night.

"It's tough, and we were still discussing at 8 last night, but overall we looked at organization and this puzzle is bigger than just one part, which makes it hard," Payton told Daily News contributor John Ingoldsby.

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Birds prevailed at the Bell


March 25, 2010

Saints coach Sean Payton said at the NFC coaches' breakfast that New Orleans was discussing whether to match the Eagles' offer sheet to restricted free agent running back Mike Bell hours before the midnight deadline Tuesday.

New Orleans did not match, and Bell became an Eagle.

"It's tough, and we were still discussing at 8 [Tuesday] night, but overall we looked at organization and this puzzle is bigger than just one part, which makes it hard,'' Payton told Daily News contributor John Ingoldsby.

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New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft proudly accepts an item for display in the “Pro Football and the American Spirit” exhibit from members of the Army’s 310th Infantry Regiment, 174th Infantry Brigade, during Saturday’s ceremony. (Photo by John Ingoldsby)

Football’s famous warriors find fitting home in Patriot Place


March 1, 2010

The New England Patriots lived up to their name — and then some – on Saturday when they became the first home away from home for a tribute to football’s noblest warriors.

Before a star-spangled standing-room-only crowd, the Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon proudly became the new custodian of a traveling exhibit entitled “Pro Football and the American Spirit,” which until now could only be seen at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

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John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Coach Bob Knight in Armchair General magazine.

10 Questions for Bob Knight

Friends and family call him "Coach." but to his worldwide army of supporters, Bob Knight is known as "The General," a noble nickname bestowed on him by ebullient sports commentator Dick "Awesome Baby!" Vitale. Knight marched into sports history during 41 seasons by winning the most college basketball games ever—including three NCAA championships as a coach and one as a player—with 902 victories. However, his first 102 wins formed his foundational philosophy. Those conquests came at Army, the U.S. Military Academy at West point, where the 24-year-old coached the Black Knights of the Hudson's basketball team for six years, learning the ways of West Point from the "Best of the Best." From 1965 to 1971 Coach Knight lived, loved, and learned the military, absorbing its history and leadership lessons from living legends. These career-defining influences helped inspire his own legendary career.

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Coach Bob Knight comments on George Patton and more

The January 2010 issue of Armchair General featured John Ingoldsby’s exclusive “10 Questions” interview with legendary coach—and history fan—Bob Knight. Since ACG magazine articles are of necessity limited due to space considerations, we thought our readers would enjoy more comments from Coach Knight during his interview with Ingoldsby that we were not able to include in the magazine’s “10 Questions” article.

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10 Questions for Shilling

John Ingoldsby's 10 Questions for Curt Schilling in Armchair General magazine.

10 Questions for Curt Schilling

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling redefined the term “warrior” in the lexicon of American sports history when he won his two famous“Bloody Sock” games in the 2004 postseason, which propelled the team to its first world championship in 86 years and broke “The Curse.”

Curt’s warrior mentality may have stemmed from his upbringing in a military family. Certainly, that has led to his passionate interest in military history. Armchair General correspondent John Ingoldsby, who resides in the same suburban Boston town of Medfield, Massachusetts, as Curt does, caught up with the World Series hero to learn more about his ardent interest in World War II.

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